Bravest Warriors #22: Where Oh Where Has Chris Gone?


bravestwarriors22_cover-aBravest Warriors #22 starts a crew member short. The Bravest Warriors are in search of Chris. True to her nature, Beth jumps into a pit to try and find him and Plum follows quickly after. The crew follows, but with a bit more caution. After some quick dust ups with native creatures, the group search for answers to where Chris may have gone. There is also an extra bonus story about the dangers of passing gas as well.

This issue of Bravest Warriors was definitely written for children, versus the occasional adult content. Kate Leth and Mad Rupert tell stories that are jovial adventures, Rupert’s basically being a giant fart joke. Ian McGinty does a solid job in the first story, matching the characters to the show with skill.

Though Bravest Warriors #22 was not as strong of a comic as many of the others in the Bravest Warriors series, it certainly starts a new path for the series.

Bravest Warriors #22 is available from BOOM! Studios July 23, 2014.


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