The Eleventh Doctor #1 Helps Heal the Wounds of his Companion


11D_01_Cover_A_RGB_PREVIEWS_BC.jpg.size-600After the death of her mother, Alice Obifune finds herself soon to be homeless and seeing her world in shades of gray. Nothing seems like it will ever come into color again, until a very bright alien dog goes running across her path. Behind it is The Eleventh Doctor, chasing up a storm. Alice offers her help, not exactly believing what she is seeing. After, the Doctor arrives at her apartment in the TARDIS and shows her what she is missing in her life.

It may just be personal bias, but The Tenth Doctor #1 seemed a more solid story than The Eleventh Doctor #1. Al Ewing and Rob Williams tell a compelling tale, but Alice Obifune feels more like a character who should have thought the help of a good therapist than go along on the sometimes terrifying and traumatic adventures the Doctor often brings his companions on. The comic begins in gray scale, emphasizing the complete hopelessness that Alice feels. Simon Fraser is also back from previous Doctor Who comics. In his hands, the Doctor has a longer face and appears more like the lovechild of comedian Conan O’Brian and Sarah Jessica Parker, than Matt Smith’s familiar visage. His dog alien creature, however, is loveable and worthy of a stuffed animal representation.

The Eleventh Doctor #1 will give a little extra love to fans still aching from Matt Smith’s dramatic exit from Doctor Who.

The Eleventh Doctor #1 is available from Titan Comics, July 23, 2014.



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