Morning Glories #29


Morning-Glories-29_CIssue #29 marks the start of the 8th major arc in the Morning Glories series, and it’s a wonderful start.  There are many things that are brought back for this fresh new arc, not the least of which is Casey’s rival from her old school. That’s right, we get to see more of the old
relationship between Casey and Isabel as we learn more about Casey’s life from before Morning Glories academy!

It’s been interesting seeing her past and the past of other characters through her eyes, but part of me can only hope that we get to see more of the other characters soon enough. There are far too many unanswered questions with regards to the rest of the Glories. While we have seen some of their own stories and their struggles, there seems to be more focus on Casey than almost anyone else. Part of that might be to intentionally shift our focus away from some of the
things that happened in previous arcs; we did see a lot of focus on Hunter and the Truants a few arcs back, after all. Now, the start of an arc is normally an excellent place to pick up a new comic. In fact, the start of this particular issue even feels like it would be a great place to get the ball rolling, so to speak. That being said, I would highly recommend that readers pick up from the beginning. Thirty-nine issues might seem like a lot, but this is a comic that keeps
the reader on their toes. It’s one that takes a lot of twists and turns, leading to situations that are bound to leave more questions than answers. That being said, this arc seems like a better launch pad than ones in the past.

All in all, readers will enjoy the start to not only this new arc, but what the creators are referring to as “season two” of the comic, with the previous seven volumes being “season one”. I personally highly recommend Morning Glories; it’s been one of my favorite comics since its run first started, and will keep people on their toes with its wonderful writing, intricate plot, and fantastic cast of characters.


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