The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage #1


unnamedIn a support group for those who have lost a spouse or other close loved one, Doctor Mirage stands listening to the members of the group tell their stories. She keeps her face calm, but makes sure to text her agent that she will not do these sort of groups again. In Death-Defying Doctor Mirage #1, speaking to the other side isn’t a game, it’s a real skill. There is only one person Mirage cannot speak to: Hwen. Though she misses him deeply, she cannot find him on the otherside. A case comes in involving an old billionaire and his desire to be set free from an occult creature. Nazis, Knights Templar…you know the drill by now. Mirage knows she will be threatening her life to free him, but she is interested to see if she can find answers about Hwen.

Jen Van Meter’s story isn’t just compelling, it holds you closer than ropes tying you to a chair. While Nazis and Communists trying to connect to the occult are fairly common in stories such as these, Mirage’s Asian heritage puts a little extra twist into the tale. The billionaire after all did have something to do with several foreign wars in Asian territories. Roberto de la Torre’s art is angular and moody, David Baron’s blue shading giving the book that extra other worldly look.

Death-Defying Doctor Mirage #1 was enough to keep the reader interested. If the issues continue to be as well done, comic readers will be in for a treat. It is available from Valiant Comics now.


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