A Taste of Trueblood: A Fangbanger’s Guide


cover50809-smallIf you’ve ever had a political discussion regarding True Blood or wondered why Vampire Bill became suddenly so much less appealing after the first season, A Taste of True Blood opens up a world of conversation. Designed for lovers of the recently cancelled supernatural drama, the book is a series of essays collected and edited by Leah Wilson.  However, A Taste of True Blood: A Fangbanger’s Guide is more a place for thought than a place to gush over the masculine physique of many actors on the show.

The collected essays look at everything from the imagery in the credits of True Blood to the concept of racial segregation using supernatural creatures to explain the show and its fictional representation of the world around us. One article focuses solely on why Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) went from drool-worthy to being seen as a weak man worthy of scorn. The book is not light reading, but rather an academic look at pop culture. In this aspect, it does not live up to the title. “A Fangbanger’s Guide” makes the book appear like it would be more information on characters and episodes rather than a collection of essays on the nature of the show.

For those who watch True Blood for more than Eric Northman’s pecs, A Taste of True Blood may provide further analysis to a beloved show. For more racy images, stick to HBO.

A Taste of True Blood: A Fangbanger’s Guide is available now.



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