Welcome to Nightvale and The Thrilling Adventure Hour Join Forces in San Diego


Spreckles Theater in San Diego was awash in weird and….glow cloud…all hail the glow cloud…last night.

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The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome To Nightvale Radio Podcasts joined forces for a live show at the spooky theater. The show was outside of the infamous sprawl of ComicCon’s badge restrictions and allowed those folks who couldn’t, or didn’t want to, attend SDCC to still experience their beloved podcasts live.  Though listeners are sworn to secrecy on the details of the podcast (it was recorded and is being released at an unknown date), there are a few things we can let you know about:

  • Wil Wheaton opened
  • James Urbaniak was there in all his glory, reading as Nice Man Dan
  • The story in question involves current Nightvale goings on and Sparks Nevada
  • Listeners finally got an answer to who is responsible for the Numbers cast in Welcome to Nightvale
  • Jason Ritter was also involved
  • There was awesome singing

Cosplayers portray Frank and Sadie Doyle of TAH’s Beyond Belief


James Urbaniak finishes a text outside of the theater


Cosplayer as Sparks Nevada from TAH


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