Emily and the Strangers – Breaking the Record


unnamedThe “Strangers” aren’t your typical musicians. They play hard, rock even harder, and communicate with an ethereal Rock God??!! Yep, Emily and the Strangers: Breaking the Record by Dark Horse is not your average comic. Emily is the lead band member and one smart kid: she knows that something isn’t right when a bunch of stray cats start tailing her and her band. After clever thinking her band uncovers a “cat-spiracy” concocted by the music company, Awesomely Awesome.

Awesomely Awesome is trying to use music as a cover up for dastard experiments on cute little kitties. When Emily is informed of this by her band’s stalker (a former employee of Awesomely Awesome’s sister company Kute Kitties) she and her team decide to take action. There is just one teeny problem: how, exactly, can kids who love music take on a big corporation? Desperate for answers, the team consults the “ether of sound”. It is through this ether that the band is able to communicate with the God of Rock who offers them this cryptic answer: “Music tells stories, these cats have a story to tell…”, Emily puts the pieces together and rallies her band to compose an album that tells the story of these stray kitties and their evil overlord (Awesomely Awesome’s CEO).

Will the kids succeed? Will they overcome the CEO with their music? Or are they bound for danger?

As my first experience with Emily and the Strangers I was mildly impressed by the art style but certainly intrigued by the subtle humor. This comic is definitely meant for younger eyes but can be enjoyed by those who are looking for a simple, carefree tale of woe and discovery. For parents whose kids are just exploring the comic world this would be a great transition. The text is simple and there are creative exclamations that children and pre-teens would enjoy.

Emily and the Strangers #2 is available from Dark Horse Press July 30, 2014


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