Baltimore: The Witch of Harju


unnamed (3)Baltimore: The Witch of Harju #1 is the first of a three part series from Hellboy creator Mike Mignolia. A young woman is found running for her life, clearly terrified by something close behind. The reason is evident to a group of valiant hunters as they discover a clearly dead man dashing towards them. Despite their efforts, the dead man is merely incapacitated and one of the hunters is killed. The group gathers the girl and seeks shelter, listening to her tale of the resurrection of her husband and demonic forces at work.

Christopher Golden and Mike Mignolia tell a story that is compelling, even when the reader has a sense of dread for what’s coming next. Both are legends of the comic writing world and know how to keep a reader focused, scared and interested. Peter Begrting keeps Mignolia’s signature stark black and white blocky style, and Dave Stewart uses hints of dark and drab colors to keep Baltimore: The Witch of Harju atmospheric and just plain creepy.

Baltimore: The Witch of Harju #1 keeps the readers attention. Fans of Hellboy will be happy to see Mignolia’s work. With strong writing and a familiar, albeit dark, artstyle, this comic is another winner for Dark Horse Press.


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