Black Science is Back! Reviewing Black Science #7


BlackScience07_CoverBlack Science is back! Remander and Scalero are taking as much crazed delight as ever in creating new and unusual worlds for our heroes (term used loosely) to land in. This time, the group finds themselves on a world full of cannibalistic dinosaur people who want to eat them—raw—and think the group should be honored by the choice.

The story is told from Kadir’s point of view this time, as he tries to figure out how to get everyone out intact and thinks back on the reasons for his decision to sabotage the Pillar. There is little time for the mismatched group—now including a Shaman that they kidnapped from a prior jump—to deal with their flawed interpersonal relationships as their entire focus is on getting free. The cracks still show, however, in some of the exchanges.

Scalera and White together create a layered, colorful world that will appeal to anyone familiar with the pulpier side of science fiction. It is also art in its own right, each of the pages full of color, detail, and unexpected beings. There are the dinosaur people and their fish-drawn chariots, sheer drops down to who-knows-where, and plenty of color everywhere, the paint layered and shaped to show action and emotion. These are panels I want to frame.

A word of advice for new readers: Black Science #7 jumps in right in the middle of things. It might make matters easier to go back to the character profiles at the end first, and then read the book. Don’t let the lack of a summary at the beginning stop you from picking this up. It is an entirely crazy, loving update of 50’s pulp science fiction.

Black Science #7 is available today, July 30 2014 from Image Comics.

Story By: Rick Remender
Art By: Matteo Scalera
Painted Art By: Dean White
Cover By: Matteo Scalera
Cover By: Dean White

Click on any image for a larger version (Please, do; these are worth seeing).








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