Captain Midnight – Man Versus Machine


unnamed (2)Captain Midnight needs a shave. Why, do you ask? Because a man needs to look good when saving a town full of people from the enemy. Captain Midnight is one of those feel good, no holds bar, kick some major villain butt with out of this world technology kind of comics. It begins with an explanation of who Captain Midnight is (in case this is the first time you are reading the comic) and why he has developed a dislike for the paths modern societies are taking. Being a fellow who was thrown into the future by that ever annoying Bermuda triangle (indeed, this is another “blast from the past” kind of hero – a sort of tech savvy Captain America for the Dark Horse connoisseur), Captain Midnight does not appreciate the greed of corporations and their intense focus on turning man into the ultimate “war machine”.

Having never heard of Captain Midnight, I can say that I am very pleased with the introduction and how easy it was for me to comprehend the plot line without former knowledge of this series. The art work is incredible. I mean it, it is VERY well illustrated. Joshua Williamson and Manuel Garcia take a common plot line and turn it into an enticing adventure. Each panel uses powerful shading to intensify the actions surrounding the main characters. Brilliant hues and high contrast enhance the colors of this comic; keeping the reader glued to the pages. As an artist myself, I always admire comics that take time to consider the reality of an explosion and the trajectory that objects in its vicinity would take. The realism in this issue is fantastic – I would recommend reading Captain Midnight on style alone.

Thankfully, for those who are story obsessed, the tale is quite good. Despite being a character arc that is common in comics, the individual personalities are intriguing and Captain Midnight himself has a colorful past that inspires his heroic behavior. All in all I really enjoyed this comic and am looking forward to future releases.


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