Fatale #24: Lovecraftian Noir Comes to an End


Fatale_24_coverTwo things that seem to go hand in hand are the works of Lovecraft and the noir style; Fatale just makes the case for the mixture. The series tells the story of Josephine, or “Jo”, who is set up to be the epitome of the femme fatale. Through the series, the reader gets to see what she’s gone through both through her own eyes and through the lens of the people around her, the countless men she’s managed to entrance in a very literal sense. Throw in a cult dedicated to the old gods of another realm and the stage is set for a supernatural noir that leaves readers feeling much like the men in Josephine’s life – longing for more.

Issue #24 of Fatale marks the end of the series. This is the final act, and it doesn’t disappoint. Brubaker and Phillips have created something fantastic, and have done what so many seem to be reluctant to do: let a story run its course and end it at the right time. There’s still enough there to keep this series interesting to re-read, though.

Phillips continues to show his flexibility artistically with this issue. While most of the comic is in his normal style, the opening pages look like they could have been taken right out of an old storybook. A very dark, twisted storybook, of course. The bright colors and sharp lines are reminiscent of how traditional Arthurian legends are often depicted, and it greatly enhances the “fairy tale legend” feeling that those opening pages shot for. It does eventually shift back into the traditional Fatale style, which is fitting for the grim world that the series takes place in.

Overall, it’s sad to see such a wonderful series come to a close. Of course, it is also nice to see it wrap up, leaving the readers with a definitive ending rather than letting it drag on or cutting it too early.

Issue #24 is out now from Image.


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