Manhattan Projects #22: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?


manhattanprojects_22Manhattan Projects #22 leaves a big door open for the questions of what must be given up for science and survival. Yuri is awoken in Star City and told his precious Laika is alive. When it is discovered no contact from Laika has actually been made, Yuri is still sent away from Star City to save his own life. The city falls apart, as does relations between the Russians and US back home. Richard Feynman reflects on what has happened back at base camp and all that has been lost, or killed, in the name of science.

Jonathan Hickman took a comic loosely based on the actual figures of the Los Alamos project and has taken the story to a place from which no man or woman truly recovers. The images and story feel like the ramblings of a scientist at a post Apocalyptic singles mixer and I’m loving every minute of it. Nick Pitarra continues to animate the dream, while Jordie Bellaire gets the uncomfortable coloration just right. ┬áSeeing Harry Daghlian as an “Atomic Messiah” was fascinating, and strangely comforting for a man who in real history suffered so horrifically. Pay attention to Feynman’s “I love Smarts” cup; it needs to be something that is sold by Image at conventions.

Manhattan Projects #22 takes the reader to a place where robotic ex-presidents and deranged political powers have completely taken over a place of science and logic. If you like your comics weird and just a little political, Manhattan Projects will make a great addition to your comic collection; just make sure to catch up from the beginning first.

Manhattan Projects #22 is available now from Image Comics.


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