Review: Warrior Chicken Poyo


1_medium (1)Move aside Chuck Norris. Skidaddle Nick Fury. Those who previously declared themselves a bad ass motha-f&@ker can just give up now. The one true bad ass is a chicken and he is here. That’s right. Poyo, a robotic, ass kicking fowl has arrived and it is awesome.

Image presents Poyo in special one shot titled Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo (I have not been able to mentally read that in a voice other than Don LaFontaine’s voice). Previously, Poyo saved the president by shrinking Rick Moranis level and fighting the nanobots. Now, he is brought through another dimension full of dragons, trolls, and magic to defeat an evil king. Prepare for epic battles where Poyo claws people in half. Be astounded by the awe that follows him around.

This one shot was hilarious. With a title like Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo it could have gone really cheesy or hilarious. Thank goodness the writer, John Layman, succeeded in hilarity. The writing is full of absurd but wonderful plots, reference jokes, and unrelenting energy. The art by Rob Guillory gave me pangs of nostalgia for the nineties cartoons (e.g. Animaniacs). It was delightfully distracting checking out all the jokes in the background.

Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo is refreshing in its silliness, fun, and of course Poyo. Poyo is my new hero. Also a fair warning, Poyo may be a robotic chicken but the language is not mean for young children. Being (shamefully) unfamiliar with the Chew series, I do not know the history of Poyo. After almost choking on my dinner from laughing, I will definitely be checking it out. If the teaser at the end of the one shot is true ( and it better be), then there is a possible cross over issue involving The Walking Dead and Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo is available now from Image.


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