Veil #4 : Mysteries in the Subway


unnamed (1)An alluring and amnesia stricken-woman with a gift for violence and a rat with the power to possess a human being with his bite are just a couple of the many mysteries to be found in Dark Horse’s Veil #4, written by Greg Rucka. The conclusion of the five issue miniseries draws near with its penultimate issue which answers few questions while leaving the reader with a need to know how it all comes to an end.

The issues splits the majority of its time between Veil- amidst a sea of gore and violence- and Dante. Dante is hiding out after a double homicide (that he didn’t commit) in his apartment. Veil, in full wings and horns demon glory, is under the control of a man who appears to be a nasty piece of work. There is a lengthy scene in which he establishes his total dominion over her and demonstrates her lack of free will while spouting some fairly misogynist clichés. It’s violent and uncomfortable to read and that seems to be the intention. Elsewhere, Dante is goaded into action by a rat – who is clearly something else altogether – with a vested interest in Veil’s fate.

The art of Veil #4 is dramatic and truly beautiful. With its bold lines and dramatic contrast Toni Fezjula evokes the image of stained glass windows created by an impressionist. Even when looking at a room full of dismembered bodies, the art manages to be breathtaking. Of particular interest is the way that Fezjula handles Veil’s naked demon form. Instead of fixating on the naked female form as other artists might have chosen, he treats her body with respect even while her character is being demeaned.

The story will make more sense to readers if they start at the beginning and since Veil is only a five part miniseries that is a simple enough task. If you have an interest in intriguing female characters, Veil might be just the thing for which you’ve been waiting.

Veil #4 is available Now from Dark Horse Press.


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