A Joyful Romp Through the Wasteland: Romantically Apocalyptic


cast2The end of the world is a desolate wasteland with bodies piled high and nuclear radiation. Apocalyptic settings present lone survivors struggling to cling to hope and their humanity. Romantically Apocalyptic is an ongoing webcomic by Vitaly S. Alexius that explores this premise in a splendidly refreshing way, for it is a work of genius. Every page is a stunning masterwork of photo manipulation with some contributions of guest illustration. Each accompanying journal entry maintains the different characters’ perspectives very well. There are a few audiobook recordings for your pleasure that add a voice to our beleaguered sniper.

Charles Snippy is one of the last people living in the nuclear winter of the city of Eureka. He is about to give up finding another human being when he encounters “ZEE CAPTAINGLORIOUS GOVERNOR OF ALL THINGS IN CAPITANIA.” Having been made a citizen and an officer, Snippy is placed under the fascist tyranny of the deliciously mad Captain and her jiggly minion Pilot. Photoshop the giant mutated worm and Engie the former mastermind behind Annet are picked up as Capitanians as well. They traverse the dead world facing foes such as an underground lemonade-worshipping colony, alien personifications of Cancer, and Annet the neural internet network that led to the end of almost everything. Zee Captain faces all with a magical child-like heart and a calculating mind, armed with a cosmically important mug of tea and an occasional cake. Snippy, the last sane man among his companions finds his mental state tested by the bizarre behavior and events he is put through.

Unlike many post-apocalyptic characters, life is lived in wondrous creativity, not consigned to solely to survival in a dangerous place. The mysteries of the past are hinted at through the sentience of inanimate objects and flashbacks of the world before. Mental derangement and hilarious liveliness frolic through destruction and decay with humor and art ranging from sugary cutesyness to the chillingly dark. If you can suspend your seriousness, this tale is a delightfully intense ride. If you wish to carry this piece of magic in your hands, there are two richly printed comic books available at Romantically Apocalyptic’s store


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