Day Men #4: And Where Are All the Gods?


BOOM_DAYMEN_004v1Day Men #4 focuses on the Virgo family, one of fifty warring, ancient vampire covens.  More importantly, it focuses on David, the Virgo’s Day Man.  A human protector and champion, the Day Man moves through the world when his vampire masters are unable. David is prized by the family he serves because of his unwavering focus. While the covens fight an unending war for power during the night, they are all completely dependent on the loyalty of their human watchdogs. Unfortunately, it looks like at least one of the households is willing to take things even further. Using stolen vampire fangs, someone (assumed to be rival House Ramses) is creating horrible monsters from vampire legend. We are left unsure what damage these half human/half vampires are capable of but it is terrifying enough to warrant a full inquiry by a representative of House Florin, backed by all the old families.

Day Men #4 is early in the series but with such a large cast of characters and long backstory, I recommend you start with #1. The art style is classic Brian Stelfreeze. Long, elegant lines create almost serpentine characters snaking their way across the page. The art matches well with the writing styles of Matt Gagnon (Freelancers) & Michael Alan Nelson (Supergirl, Hexed) creating a fluid journey through a complicated plot line. Day Men #4 is recommended for those who enjoy vampire stories and high stakes politics.

Day Men #4 is available through Boom Studios


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