GameChurch: Challenging Your Views of Christianity



Megan Kennedy of had a chance to chat with Mikee Bridges, founder of Seen at Anime Expo Los Angeles and various other conventions across the United States, GameChurch has caused a bit of a stir recently.

FGN: First of all, Are you guys for real?

Mikee Bridges: We are for real. We use humor because if we didn’t, no one would care. We’re having fun, but not making fun. 

FGN: What has been the response to GameChurch? Has it been mostly positive?

Mikee BridgesMostly, yes. I think its because we don’t have a message of hate, judgement or hypocrisy. We are here to tell you that Jesus loves you and give you free stuff. That’s it. No hidden agenda.

FGN:  Why video games?

Mikee Bridges: We are Gamers. We owned and operated a gaming center for over 7 years. It’s a natural thing for us to do. Plus it’s the world’s largest media outlet.

FGN: Has anyone completely misunderstood your message? What happened?

Mikee Bridges: We have had a few but they are set straight pretty quick when they engage us. It’s the people that pass judgement on what we are doing without talking to us that can be a problem. Mostly people get it once they meet us. The people that don’t usually walk by with a comment, or roll their eyes. Its only been a couple of times where people have been lame to us.

FGN: What gave you the idea for GameChurch?

Mikee Bridges: Our very close friends started so we stole the model from them

FGN: What sort of ministry background do you have?

Mikee Bridges: I have been in what I call “dirty” ministry for over 20 years. By that I mean ministry that Church people don’t like to touch. We have been involved in Music venues, skate parks, music festivals, cafe’s, gaming centers and now trade shows/ conventions.

FGN: Why do you think churches have been losing members on a large scale recently? Do you think the younger generation has something to do with it?

Mikee Bridges: I think that we have an antiquated way of doing Church. Change is difficult for people. So much of the American Church is based on out of context snippets of the Bible and “turn or burn” “hellfire and brimstone” philosophies. That’s why we exist. We want to change that.

FGN: What are some of your core beliefs? Who do you believe God is?

Mikee Bridges:That’s a pretty heavy question. Definitely something that requires a lot more than an interview to answer. Suffice it to say that I am a Christian. I believe Jesus was who He said He was and He did what He said He was going to do. I have a story about my faith that I want other people to know because I think they might be surprised to find that it isn’t what society has been telling them.

FGN: How can someone get involved in GameChurch?  If you don’t have a physical building, are there plans for one?

Mikee Bridges: No, we don’t have a physical space. No plans for that. We are a collection of people. A community. One that is growing fast. The best place to hang out with us is on our Facebook group GameChurch City.



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