‘I Was The Cat’ Proves Once and For All That Cats Can be Criminals


534321fe7d9ffI Was The Cat is a new Oni Press graphic novel that once and for all proves cats are not all innocent meows and givers of cat hair presents. Allison Breaking, an investigative blogger and freelance writer, is contacted by the mysterious Burma. Burma is a shadowy figure unseen in public. He warns her that his appearance is not like anything she may have ever seen. Despite protests from her friend Reggie, Allison takes the job and goes to see Burma’s palatial home in London, England to begin the biography. She is startled to discover that Burma is in fact a cat. However, Burma is not just any cat; with at very least 9 separate lives and the ability to talk, Burma is a feline mastermind. As Allison cotinues to take down Burma’s memoirs, she also begins to uncover the shady past and current projects of a cat turned criminal. Allison must determine if she will finish the project, or if she and Reggie will find themselves running for their lives from creatures on four legs.

Paul Tobin (Colder) tells a creative story that isn’t just imaginative but calculatingly interesting. For fans of the Sherlock Holmes style of books or those who enjoy stories of criminal masterminds, this is a delightful read with many quick movements and sudden changes. For those who are fans of history and pop culture, I Was The Cat provides another side to the major events of history and famous figures in our past and present. For those who have just always suspected Mister Whiskers was going to kill them while they slept, this book acts as confirmation.

Benjamin Dewey (The Tragedy Series) rises to the challenge of illustrating not only an army of animals and historical figures, but also very famous British landmarks that have to be drawn with care and detail. Dewey is also responsible for bright and engaging coloration, changing the tone subtly when Burma discusses the distant eras of his past.

I Was The Cat is a phenomenal read that pushes aside the humorous concept of talking cat and creates a world that is often times chilling and even a bit frightening. The team of Tobin and Dewey create a graphic novel that holds the readers attention and shakes them like a catnip mouse.

I Was The Cat is available from Oni Press on August 6, 2014.


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