Squidder #2


JUN140374_mWhen monstrous cephalopods wage war against humanity, things get grim really fast in Ben Templesmith’s The Squidder #2. In issue #2, the protagonist, a man known only as Squidder, seeks out a woman who has been kidnapped. She is no ordinary woman, but instead one of the girls the Squids kidnapped and turned into one of their priestesses. In this apocalyptic world, the priestesses give social status to whoever owns one.

Templesmith paints a horrifying world in The Squidder #2. Through the use of biotechnology, the Squids modified the priestesses and the humans modified their own soldiers to better fight in the war. This issue focuses on the origins of Squidder and on a mysterious prophecy. It sets the stage for a very promising series.

Acting as writer, artist, and letterer, Ben Templesmith’s work is incredibly cohesive. For fans of his previous work Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, his style is immediately recognizable. The majority of the story is illustrated with panels featuring sharp linework over watercolor stained backgrounds that alternate with slick panels portraying the Squid Queen. There is a shift in overall color from page to page, often from panel to panel. It makes it very easy to follow the story of The Squidder as it jumps from place to place and occasionally through time. It can be difficult to read some of the dialogue since part of the story is given black speech bubbles with dark green and red writing.

Fans of cephalopods, strange apocalyptic worlds, or creepy gory tales of a very weird nature will fall in love with The Squidder #2.


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