Danger Girl: Back in Black


300px-Danger_Girl_back_in_blackThe Danger Girls are back. In Danger Girl: Back in Black Volume 1, Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage are up for a new death defying adventure. The “Black Seed” is a skull artifact, taken from the Sioux tribe during a battle. Used to raise the dead, the Black Seed can only be wielded by someone of Sioux descent. Abbey and Sydney head out on the highway to find the motorcycle gang that may have it in their possession. Along the way, they meet Ruby; she is a biker with connections and a secret.

J. Scott Campbell is not known for drawing women in their natural form. His heroines are busty, scantily clad, and often find themselves in situations of unnecessary nudity. Andy Hartnell, Campbell’s co-creator keeps true to this original vision with corsets that pop off during motorcycle rides and outfits that no sane motorcyclist would even wear on the open road. Abbey and Sydney are beautiful and unbelievable. They exist in a world of Indiana Jones and James Bond with the Spice Girl’s Girl Power mixed in just for fun. The story itself is entertaining and helps distract from some of the sillier aspects of the comic. Nick Bradshaw’s pencil work is detailed and focuses on an unnatural curvy body, but it is done with skill.

Danger Girl is certainly not for everyone, and it is not designed to be more than an adventure comic with attractive women.

Danger Girl: Back in Black Volume #1 is now available from IDW.


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