Ghostbusters Celebrates 30 years with Mass Hysteria



ghostbusters coverIt’s the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, and the gods are up to no good. In Volime #8 of the Ghostbusters comic, Mass Hysteria, the gang’s all here with some very familiar faces and a few new and ominous ones. Going back to the ancient Sumerian roots of the original movies, writer Erik Burnham gives our much loved paranormal experts a rather chaotic encounter when a new god comes to New York City. The new “big bad” quickly interrupts the team’s (relatively) peaceful existence (of catching ghosts and overcharging the client) and turns chaos on the city. Will the heroes save the day one more time?

The series is well written and the art by Dan Schoening is colorful and fun to look at. Each of the original characters is drawn with a similarity to the original actors so that they are recognizable for the reader, but each is also unique enough for them to have their own aesthetic. One of the things I love is that that the comic keeps the movies as cannon and uses details from them to further pursue the ongoing plots. Ghostbusters is one of the most well known and loved franchises among geeks, and to be able to have that universe continue and bring us new stories, while staying true to the ghost filled world we love, is a lot of fun. New characters have been added to the cast, as well, bringing new elements and personalities to the team. It is just the right balance of familiar and new and exciting.

Despite this being the eighth volume of the series it was quite easy to jump in and join the story. There were a few bits of plot-y goodness that were obvious continuations from previous volumes, but they were easy to catch up with. The writing was well done, and the colorful and fun. I would highly recommend Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria to fans of the franchise or anyone who likes a good ghost or vengeful god.

Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria is available for IDW on August 19th





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