Mars Attacks: First Born #3


STK642675Everyone copes with the horrors of reality in a different way. For Clare, the little girl at the center of Mars Attacks: First Born #3, that coping mechanism is going blind. In her blindness, she can’t tell that her companion Baby is not a human baby, but instead the first invader infant born on Earth. Issue 3 of this 4 issue series focuses on the return of the Martians and the aftermath of yet another attack.

Writer Chris Ryall handles what could be darker subject matter in different hands with a delicacy that softens the brutal reality his characters inhabit. Clare’s affection and attachment to Baby is clear and her panic when she disappears is palpable. Instead of focusing on the gore and violence, Mars Attacks: First Born #3 focuses on the humanity left behind.

Artist Sam Kieth uses colored pencils and markers in bringing the story of Clare, Baby, and Uncle Woody to life. The style is child-like in nature contributing to shifting the center of the story from the devastation created by the repeated attacks of the Martians to a more emotional and innocent place.

Mars Attacks: First Born #3 will appeal to people looking for stories that look for beauty and love that could easily be overwhelmed by the ugliness surrounding it.


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