Star Mage #5


starMage05-covIf you every wondered how wizards in Space would like, then come check out the comic book series, STAR MAGE.Star Mage is brought to us from the mind of JC De La Torrie with the art done by Franco Cespedes.

Issue #5 throws us right into the arduous training of our hero, Darien, and his teacher Professor Everland. Darien is practicing throwing complicated spells at a mock supernatural creatue. While something horrible has caught the attention of Pad Thordlar (Head/King of Wizards?), Professor Everland is able to telepathically show Darien a history lesson of the battle between Sarru Kishpu (elven -like warlocks) versus the monks (Everland was one of them). This history lesson is crucial to Darien’s decision for the end of the comic.

There is a lot of stuff going on at once. Jumping in at the fifth issue was very similar to jumping right into a war path. It took awhile to figure out who was who (especially with the interesting, exotic names).

Issue number #5 seems to be a turning point for the series since our hero embarks on a path solely based off mostly off of his own decision. Mostly since I’m still questioning if the history lesson shown by Professor Everland is the truth. Gleaning from the details, Darien seems to be the chosen wizard with special innate abilities to create spells from within (that sounds really familiar…). This may have been explained in previous issues but is this really magic or manipulation of light? They are all in space so what is the magic source? Does it drain them? Is there a special bonus with performing magic in different gravitational fields. Am I just reading too deeply into this comic? For something that has a lot going on, a lot of questions are borne out of it.

Despite that, it is still fun to read. There is a very adventurous and melodramatic tone while reading the comic which suits it well since it has wizards in space. Cespedes’s art style is very bright and I can easily imagine this translated to an animated series.

Issue #5 left me feeling a little bit lost but it still pushed reading the first Star Mage higher on my ever growing to read pile.

You can check out the Star Mage website for details. Issue #5 will be available from IDW publishing in August 2014


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