Haunted Horror #12


JUN140453Child of the 50’s, your version of fear returns with Haunted Horror #12. Forelock the Warlock affectionately beckons you to an anthology of the strange and supernatural. These once banned pre-code comics are being reprinted with restored color for your viewing pleasure.

1950’s horror gave evil a human face, and this collection explores the wickedness of mankind. Many of these stories are about the consequences of greed or revenge, having the sinners endure a grisly punishment. It opens with the tale of a silhouette artist who is asked to make the likeness of a dying man as part of a black magic spell and his cursed by his own misconduct. There’s a vicious coach, a mad scientist, depraved minds and animate wax villains that lurk around with murderous intent..

Haunted Horror #12’s vintage artwork revels in its bright colors and thematic darkness. I think that the campiness of the selected works are fairly toned down and that there are some decent premises in display. My favorite tale among them is The Bride of Death, an imitation of Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment. Those seeking the thrills of real fear will not find it in these pages, but it is worth perusing while in Halloween leisure.


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