Galactic Film Festival Gives The Independent Crowd a Chance


1554618_253702168167603_8455908568209364_nThe Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA was delighted today with the short films from the Science Fiction genre. The Galactic Film Festival, put together by Executive Director LJ Rivera and his crew, gathered some talented works of independent film. 42 enteries (thanks Douglas Adams) were placed in the show, including the work of a couple webseries.

The Frida Cinema, the home to a local Rocky Horror Picture Show night and small art films, came alive with specially renamed concessions, the cast and crew of some of the films and Science Fiction themed artwork for sale. It also has something so many film festivals have lost over the years; a crew that genuinely cares about what they are doing and spends time letting the attendees know they are valued.

zombies_from_planet_x_thumbnailThe films were certainly something to open your com links about as well. The Galactic Adventures of John Neptune, premiered its latest segment and the cast filled the lobby to greet fans and talk about their films. John Neptune is a hero, much like the classic Flash Gordon serials. He is witty, flirtatious and ready with a gun. The show is designed for those who enjoy the campy details of black and white Science Fiction. The serials are intentionally over acted and characters given dialogue similar to that of an earlier time. Keep in mind, like the classic films it appears that this film doesn’t understand how space really works either.

Strange Thing was a short featuring a young Science Fiction obsessed couple who discover a door to another dimension in their apartment with disastrous results.

Vimana is the story of a crew of astronauts from India’s space program who must face difficult realizations about their country’s dedication when a colleague becomes ill due to a faulty hypersleep chamber.

Ghost Light is a short film that reminded me of a cross between Twin Peaks and the X-Files which has somehow been dipped into old Tales from the Crypt episodes and a comic book. An angry father drives his drug abusing son across country with the purpose of dropping the sullen teenager off at a rehab center. It’s clear that the son and father do not get along, and that the ex wife in the situation is no help either. Running out of gas, the two have a brief argument and the son gets out of the car. He follows a strange light in the distance and the father follows. They find themselves as Delilah’s Diner, a place the father has never seen before.

Walking-In-CirclesThe standout of the day was the screening of the collected Season Two of the webseries Walking in Circles. Cast and crew were on hand to answer questions regarding their series. Funny and genuine, the cast stole the show by standing the seats with the audience and jokingly stalling for time as technical difficulties awaited the rendering of the footage they had brought with then. Walking in Circles follows Crag the Barbarian as he goes on a quest to avenge his murdered father. He finds a skilled and silent female assassin named Alex, a wizard who dropped out of school and is massively in gold debt, and a druid whom tries to solve most things with diplomacy, despite Crag’s desire to smash first ask questions later. The show was laugh out loud funny, while still maintaining action and adventure. Fans of The Guild and Legend of Neil should watch this immediately.

The Galactic Film Festival continues until Sunday August 10, 2014 at the Frida Theater in Santa Ana, CA.


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