ScareLA 2014: Exhibitor Spotlight


ScareLA FangirlNation had the distinct pleasure of visiting Los Angeles’ newest Horror, Haunt and Trade Convention, ScareLA, located in the heart of downtown. This is the second year for the biggest celebration of Halloween in August, and it has grown exponentially even from its first year.

One of our resident scream queens, Stephanie, got to check in with several of the vendors that came to share their talents with the best and brightest in the California horror community. FGN got to check in with a few, and asked them everything from inspiration to favorite horror memories. Here are some highlights of the weekend!

Abigail Larson

Abigail Larson

“Berenice” by Abigail Larson

Abigail Larson is a talented artist from Richmond, Virginia. Her whimsical and dark art is inspired by everything from Lovecraft to Dr. Suess, and had several prints available for purchase at ScareLA. “Berenice,” is one of her more recent works and is a personal favorite of hers. “I struggled with the Poe, so I am very proud of it.” She began drawing at the age of 6, and furthered her knowledge by studying Illustration and Graphic Design in college.

To see more examples of her art and order prints, please visit Her favorite monster is The Frankenstein Monster.

Captured Aural Phantasy Theatre

CAPTThis witty blend of vintage radio and variety show is a refreshing and entertaining group that you should keep track of. Even with its roots planted in Omaha and Chicago, it seems CAPT has found a comfy home here in the City of Angels, performing monthly at El Cid and making various appearances around Southern California, including San Diego Comic-Con.

With everything from gritty noir dramas to classic horror comics, this troupe revives the old art of storytelling with good, old-fashioned acting and handmade sound effects and music. Sheets of metal for lightning, chains in glasses, and even a good-ole ‘squish, squish’ uttered into a microphone bring the environment to life, as the actors and musicians take the slightly campy vibe and run with it.

The company tends to gravitate to stories with twists, including “Fall Guy,” a tale of a distraught man who after being released from jail wants to end it all, and “The Orphan,” about a young girl with an abusive father and a broken home reminiscent of “The Bad Seed.”

The mission statement? “We Give Old Comic Books A Modern Voice.” For more information about their monthly shows and other special appearances, please visit

Diana Levin

“Horror Bunnies” by Diana Levin

“Horror Bunnies” by Diana Levin

Levin’s work walks the perfectly fine line between adorable and terrifying. She discovers her inspiration in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre mostly, and is even known to give a nod to old children’s books as well. Another woman who began drawing at a young age, she has been professionally marketing her work for the past 4 years. Some personal favorites of Stephanie’s are “Horror Bunnies,” (shown here), “Redhead Girl,” which is reminiscent of Poison Ivy, and “Shadow Wings,” a Poe-esque woman surrounded by ravens.

Her work is available at, and her favorite monster, if she had to choose, would be Dracula.

Froggy’s Fog
Froggys FOgFroggy’s Fog has been around for 10 years and specializes in theatrical fog and sensory effects. What puts them at the head of the pack is not only their use of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and deionized water, making it safe and not as irritating, but their immense collection of scents to both add to your fog, but also enhance a haunt’s room with. There are over 30, which gives you an aroma, or outright odor, for every occasion.

Looking for a pleasant smell? Try the Mojito Mint, or Cotton Candy. If you are looking for something more neutral the Haunted House is always a good choice. For those hardcore haunters out there, though, there are several choices as well. Slaughterhouse is their most popular scent, and as FGN can attest, it lives up to the name. Bloody, rotting flesh in a bottle.

Scott Lynd was nice enough to take a moment to walk us through all these great products, and has been in the haunt industry for 8 years. An Ohio native, he claims “Cube” as his favorite horror movie, (for the booby traps,) and The Mothman as his favorite monster. “If you’re from Ohio, you gotta go with Mothman.”

To learn more about Froggy’s Fog and get information on their fog, haze, snow, bubble, foam and scent effects, please visit

Pocket Full Of Posiez: The Art Of Queenie

PosiezQueenie derives her work from everything from Disney Villains to Pirates and Bettie Page. There’s a little bit for everyone in her work and her Posiez are nothing short of adorable. She has it all – buttons, jewelry, dolls, bags and apparel.

Please check out and pick your Posiez now!


SkullasticIt’s back to school time, and that means all the boys and ghouls both big and small need to stock up on supplies! And there is no better place to do that than with Skullastic. With it’s witty, tongue-in-cheek pop art adorning everything from t-shirts to customizable notebooks, there is no way you will not walk out with something when you come to their booth.

Not only do they constantly come out with new designs and keep their prices reasonable, but their primary focus is education. A portion of all they make goes to supporting education, and they offer wonderful fund-raising opportunities.

To order your back-to-school supplies, sketch books, stickers, t-shirts and more, please visit

These are only a few of the hundreds of vendors that appeared at ScareLA. From hair bows to home haunt necessities, this convention housed at the LA Mart in Los Angeles had it all. Even the most uninitiated would have a hell of a time not enjoying themselves at this friendly celebration of the Halloween spirit, and it can only grow from here.


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