Red City 3: Intentions Revealed


RedCity03Things are heating up in Red City #3. With only one issue left after this month’s comic, this film noir-esque series takes a turn for the dramatic. Starting with a few more images of black eyes (seriously, I would not want to be this guy, ever), Red City #3 starts with a bit of soul searching for the main character, Talmage, and writer Daniel Corey shows us a bit more of the character’s history. The issue then quickly gets into plot, and a lot of it. When Talmage has an unexpected guest show up on the scene, interrupting his case, the plot begins to unravel and some true intentions are revealed.

For the third issue in this series, Image comics brought on a new artist, Andrew Diecidue. I really enjoy his style and take on the characters. Talmage has a little bit of a younger appearance, but I found myself really liking this interpretation of him, particularly the facial features. He is rough and tumble and stubbly, like I would expect a guy who’s been through the wringer to be (see above referenced black eyes). I also enjoyed the variety of angles and backgrounds in this issue, as well as the panel arrangement. The new style really upped the feel of action.

As far as the writing goes, this particular issue had a lot of dialogue, as it was very plot heavy. I did miss a bit of the snarkier commentary from Talmage and Angel from the previous issues, but it’s somewhat to be expected in this stage of the story arc, with so much drama and plot development going on (much of the issue is essentially a single scene and monologue).

The comic is definitely a traditional detective noir, despite being set in space, with its gritty detectives, dirty cops, gangsters and character monologues. As the series wraps we will soon find ourselves circling back with the story to where it all began (or technically ended) in the first issue, in true noir fashion.  As such, it’s not really possible to start the story in the middle, and it is definitely best read the comics in order (you probably don’t want to read the big reveals first). We will see you all back again for the final issue next month when we wrap all this up! Once again, I would recommend this comic to people who are fans of detective and crime dramas or film noir.

Red City #3 is available from Image Comics August 13th 2014.


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