Silver Screen Icon and Activist, Lauren Bacall Dead at 89


Lauren Bacall was not always the beautiful Siren of the Silver Screen. She was born into a nice Jewish family in the Bronx with the name Betty Joan Perske. All accounts a nice girl, Bacall made a splash at 19 with her debut in the film To Have and Have Not. Sexy, sultry and smart, Bacall quickly made a name for herself in classic Hollywood.


Bacall also caught the eye of her 44 year-old co-star Humphrey Bogart. The two quickly became inseparable. They remained devoted to each other until Bogart’s death 12 years later.

But Bacall would not be defined by a famous husband. She was also incredibly outspoken, getting her suspended from Warner Bros no less than 7 times in her prolific career. She kept her husky voice going, standing up for herself and even protesting again the House of Un-American Activities hearings.

She acted on stage, had children and lived her life by her terms. She even had an affair with Frank Sinatra.

Lauren Bacall passed away today from a suspected stroke at the age of 89. She is survived by her three children.

Today we lost an icon.


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