Thomas Alsop #3 Takes a Darker Turn


Thomas_Alsop_003_COVER-AThomas Alsop is tormented with the realization that thousands of souls are trapped in the area where the World Trade Center sat, years after the 9/11. Needless to say Thomas Alsop #3 does not open with the feel good plot line of the Summer. Alsop feels like a failure and realizes he has lost connection to the island of Manhattan. In order to communicate with the island, he must take a dramatic step and self inflict a drug overdose. Meanwhile, visions of the dark past of Manhattan fills his head and he must struggle to break free and save his city.

Chris Miskiwicz tells a story that reminds me of John Constantine as a rockstar. It fills the empty void left by reading years of supernatural comics and watching television shows on psychics. Even though the material is dark, like Alsop’s pills, it is addictive. Likewise Palle Schmidt’s artwork is a draw for me every month. The atmospheric colors and ghost like feel is ghastly beautiful. I find myself lost on Thomas’ face and his surroundings. Even images that are less than plesant take on a whole new realm of fascination in Schmidt’s capable hands.

Thomas_Alsop_003_PRESS-7Thomas Alsop #3 is dark and haunting. From the beginning facing 9/11 as a New Yorker to the drug overdose, there is very little cheer in this comic. With strong writing and gorgeous artwork, however, the comic becomes impossible to put down.

Thomas Alsop #3 is available August 13, 2014 from BOOM!



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