Reviewing Genius #2


Genius02_CoverThe story of the most brilliant military strategist born in the last hundred years continues with Genius #2. This Top Cow Pilot Season winner follows teenager Destiny Ajaye as she unites the gangs in a six block neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles and immediately begins using her tactical skills to wage war on the Los Angeles Police Department.

Where the first issue was all about backstory and mounting tension as Destiny’s army awaited retaliation from the LAPD, Genius #2 is all brutal action. Agent Grey is starting to get confirmation of his theory about “Suspect Zero”. Destiny uses merciless tactics to gain the upper hand as the police force moves in with a last ditch effort to end the conflict before the National Guard gets called in to handle it. She also begins a campaign to sway opinions in the world outside the Crossroads. Reporter Izzy Cortina is introduced to show how Destiny is using the social media to accomplish her goals. She’s the sort of reporter who is so focused on getting the scoop that she thinks nothing of jumping into a war zone with little thought and no backup. Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman bring characters other than Destiny into focus in this issue. It gives them more angles to explore and shows different viewpoints surrounding the events of Genius #2.

Afua Richardson’s art continues to be solid. Richardson creates vivid characters with her incredibly polished artwork. In this issue, she moves away from the more sexualized portrayal of Destiny that was used in the previous issue to show her rise to power. Genius #2’s more angular and sharp depiction seems to show a shift in Destiny as she commits to some very difficult choices.

Fans of intense female characters and watching an interesting exercise in urban warfare will find a lot to love in IDW’s Genius #2.


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