A Look Into Hexed #1



Hexed_001_COVER-AThe popular series Hexed by Boom! Studios is back with writer and creator Michael Alan Nelson and illustrator Dan Mora. Lucifer is a smart-talking thief that steals supernatural items for her boss and their agency, with the intention of keeping them out of the wrong hands. On her latest mission, while trying to save an innocent, Lucifer accidentally unleashes a threat that may be too big for even her to take on. Hexed features some of my favorite plot devices and character motives, stealing things…I mean acquiring cool supernatural artifacts for the good of mankind. It looks to be a fun foray into the world of the supernatural.
The opening scene, shown in the panels here, quickly establish the sort of protagonist Lucifer

Hexed_001_PRESS-3is (snarky, which happens to be my favorite). I immediately loved the writing and art style, and also loved that Nelson pulls no punches when it comes into the plot. After this brief demonstration of her thieving prowess, the issue dives head first into the plot, which seems to have a lot in store for our main characters. Let’s just say that Lucifer has a complicated life, and things are only going to get worse.

The art by Dan Mora is beautiful. The images feel bright and vivid. As the comic continues, I Hexed_001_PRESS-4found myself liking the art even more, and I can only describe it as “creepy but elegant.”  I found the plot intriguing, and I can’t wait to see what happens next and learn more about the character and her back story. Even though this is an established character and comic, this issue starts a new series, so you don’t need to have read the previous comics to get into this one, which is a plus for me. With it’s great writing and beautiful art, this comic promises to be a fun and mysterious adventure into the world of the supernatural, for old hexed fans and new ones alike.







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