Reviewing The Maxx Maxximized #10


Maxx10_cvrSUBA giant purple-clad homeless man, a social worker, and a know it all serial killer cross paths in The Maxx Maxximized. Sam Kieth’s brilliant mid-nineties series is being republished by IDW with new high definition scans of all the original artwork.

In The Maxx Maxximized #10, Mr. Gone (who is undergoing surgery to reattach his head to his body) takes over the narrative for the bulk of the issue. While being operated on, Gone tells a story about “a little girl he knows” who turns out to be young Julie Winters. We meet Julie’s parents and learn a lot about how Julie learned to cope with the later traumas of her life. Occasionally we see scenes of Julie and Sarah packing up Julie’s belongings in preparation for her move away from the city. The past and present intersect somewhere in their discussion of what should be kept and what can be thrown away.

Maxx10_cvrAKieth’s art style in The Maxx Maxximized #10 shifts from scene to scene making it easy to keep track of exactly where the reader is in the story. As Gone’s story shifts into the past, he uses simple childlike sketches on lined notebook paper backgrounds to show little Julie’s point of view. The new scans make the original art pop just a little more with each page being a little sharper and brighter than before. It’s an experience akin to watching an older movie remastered in high definition.

The Maxx Maxximized #10 is perfect for a reader with a quirky sense of humor who enjoys stories that plumb the psychological depths of the characters.


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