Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack: Why Yes, it is an Awesome Mix Tape!


guardians-of-the-galaxy-soundtrack-570x570The fun Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was one of the many reasons why I loved the movie. I knew from the moment I saw the trailer containing “Hooked on a Feeling” that this was not the usual “Superhero movie.”

Before the credits had finished rolling I knew I wanted the soundtrack, I wanted the actual CD because the cover art makes me smile when I see it. Yes, it’s songs from the ‘60’s – ‘80’s, no there are not any original songs (this review is only covering the soundtrack and not the score), but it does what soundtracks are supposed to do (at least for me) but few do – invoke the feelings you had while watching the movie. Hearing “Escape” made me smile today while listening to it in traffic, as opposed to my previous reaction which was to change the station as soon as I heard it on the radio. I actually did not skip one song on my drive home and that is extremely unusual for me. At work someone played the soundtrack during lunch and those of us who had seen GotG just smiled and hummed along while a couple of people who hadn’t seen the movie wondered aloud how those songs could possibly work in a Marvel superhero movie. The answer is: it just does.

One last thing, if you don’t smile thinking back to the scene that used the Jackson 5 “I Want You Back” when you hear it, I’m truly sorry, because that was one of the most joyful scenes I have seen in a movie in years.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack is available now.


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