Shutter #5: Family Drama



Shutter_05-1The fifth issue in Shutter, cuts to the chase with some pretty intense scenes. As the truth about her unusual family begins to unravel, Kate begins to realize her father had more secrets then she could have imagined, and they are leading her straight down the rabbit hole. On top of that she now has to deal with one of her many newly revealed siblings face to face. How does a leading lady like Kate handle such a situation? Well, as it turns out mostly with equal parts rage and curse words, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve as well.


As usual Joe Keatinge nails it with the writing. In this issue he backs off the side stories for a bit and just focuses on the main character, Kate. Her anger and frustration in her situation is just palpable, and you find yourself feeling so bad for her. She really just wanted out, to live a normal life, but the plot only thickens and thickens. You can totally understand her frustration and rage as she realizes there is no escape (and I thought my family had drama). The artwork by Leila Del Duca, is stunning, as always. Take for example the absolutely gorgeous full page picture of a dark castle in a storm.



I mentioned above this issue does contain a pretty high level of cursing, so it’s probably safe to say Shutter may not be so kid friendly (unless you are looking to have little Timmy add a big ‘ole pile of change to the swear jar). The anger and swearing are totally justified by the story, though, so as an adult I’m not bothered by it. As much as I like the silliness and over the top nature of the story and world of Shutter, I really liked this issue and its more serious and emotional plot.

I definitely encourage readers to start from the beginning and read these comics in order, because well, there is a lot going on. Trying to start partially in would be confusing to say the least. If you are looking for a truly unique setting, great dynamic characters, and a fun twist-filled plot, look no further than Shutter. It truly is my favorite comic on my current reading list. Oh, and for some bonus fun, don’t forget to look out for the bonus drawings in the back of the issue. This month’s were a homage to classic gaming!

Pick up Shutter and give it a go! You will get hooked, and come back next month when we take a look at Shutter 6!

Shutter 5 is now available from Image comics.






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