Cute Witches and Wicked Baddies Abound in Courtney Crumrin Volume #6: The Final Spell


cover50051-smallCourtney Crumrin is a young witch on the run as Courtney Crumrin Volume #6: The Final Spell opens. Her old teacher, Calpurnia, drives quickly in order to escape the coven looking for Courtney. Though she learned all she knows from her Uncle Aloysius, his past is still a secret from her. As a child Aloysius left his brother Wilberforce behind on the Twilight Land. The witches of Hillsborough have been working to secretly remove Ravanna’s Law, a mandate created to protect the human beings outside of the witching world. Family drama and political scandal follow Courtney as she fights to stay alive and keep her witchcraft.
Artist and writer Ted Naifeh is probably best known for his adorable work on Gloomcookie from Slave Labor graphics. His style is big eyes, dark colors and the kooky adorable goth look. As a former Goth kid, this comic was my speed. Witches, talking dolls and strangely beautiful fairy creatures pepper this graphic novel, all while telling a tale that stays interesting from beginning to end. However, for those unacquainted with the Courtney Crumrin realm will find themselves a bit confused in parts of this collection and may occasionally feel like they missed a detail.
Courtney Crumrin Volume #6: The Final Spell is a fun adventure story ala the cutesy Goth Harry Potter style. If fairies and witches with big-eyed characters and sinister baddies are your thing, The Final Spell will be a perfect find.
Courtney Crumrin Volume #6: The Final Spell is available August 20, 2014 from Oni Press.


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