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Bounds of information was to be had at ScareLA this weekend, but Knott’s had already divulge a great deal of their hand by announcing their mazes for the 2014 season a few days previously. FanGirlNation is ready to fill you in on the good, the bad and the spooky coming to you at Knott’s Scary Farm.

First, let’s discuss the returning mazes. My top two favorites from last year, “Black Magic” and “Pinocchio Unstrung,” will be back with new and improved storylines and tricks up their sleeves. Black Magic will feature new illusion and unsettling magic tricks, while Pinocchio will be both including more of the original tale and introducing a new character to the bunch. Let’s just say he’s green, and licensed, and shall not be named. Onto “Forevermore,” the Poe-inspired maze, that will be showcasing more murder scenes than before, and “Gunslinger’s Grave,” Knott’s most ironic maze considering they had never done one with an Old West theme, will be getting a shiny new ending to try and perfect the experience. “Dominion of the Damned” will have a bit of a teist this year, by adding an ancient vampire queen to the mix rather than have it be the expected bevy of immortal beauties, and crowd favorite “Trick or Treat” will also be returning, along with “The Witch’s Keep.” “Trapped” will also be returning, once again with all new storylines and terror, and continues with its additional price and reservation times for the 24-30 minute experience.

Let’s talk about new mazes. There’s “Tooth Fairy,” which is light on the details but heavy on the imagination at the moment, and “Voodoo,” a trip through the New Orleans bayou. “Voodoo” will be utilizing the landscape as opposed to the traditional closed-in maze format, and will include an interactive aspect, as guests will be given a choice which direction to move through the cursed swamp and will get a different journey with each choice they make. There is also the new “Infected: Special Ops” the innovative new experience located in Camp Snoopy. Taking a cue from popular zombie culture, “Infected” sends you on a mission with a squad leader at a specific time you “enlist” for. With no upcharge on this portion of the park, this innovation of this next step in scare zone interaction will be sure to have a full dance card.

Elvira will be joining the boys and ghouls for another year of pleasant screams, as well as your favorite scare zones and shows. This year is definitely shaping up to have a very fresh take than in previous years, so now all there is to do but wait. See you in the fog…


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