2nd Annual Geekie Awards: An Award Show For Geeks by Geeks


geekie awards 2014The 2nd Annual Geekie Awards commenced last night and I am still whirling from the talent and creativity around me. From the clogged red carpet area to the crowded after party, I survived geeknado.

The Geekie Awards is show that seeks to highlight, reward, and promote independent creators in the geek circles. It is a grand evening celebrating the spirit and creativity with in the geek community. It was founded by Kristen Nedopak who is also an independent creator (check out her work on Skyrim Parodies).She knows the blood, sweat, tears that go into making creations. That is respect is reflected in the amazing presentation, the diverse talent and overall atmosphere in the show.

The event was broadcasted live from the Avalon theater in Hollywood. It was co-hosted by Gibson, who was also responsible for the throne made out of guitars. The theme of the year was fantasy, so there was quite a bit of Game of Thrones references abound.

Prepare yourself for the plethora of geek creativity: Here are the list of categories and their winners!

Warning: You may feel a burst of inspiration, the need to create, or deflating at your lack of skills. The solution: keep creating!



Gale Anne Hurd – Recipient of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Gale Anne Hurd.

Hurd is known as the “The First Lady of Sci-fi”. A title well deserved since she produced many science fiction/comic movies: Terminator (produced and co-wrote),AliensAeon Flux, The Incredible Hulk,The Punisher and so much more. For her television production start,she brought us The Walking Dead.

Stan Lee was unable to physically present the award (He was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award) but he gave a heartfelt speech through a recorded video message.

After taking a picture of the crowd from her watch (talk about high tech!), she launched into her speech. She listed off various definitions of what it means to be a geek.For Hurd,  despite the historical negative uses of the terms “geek” and “nerd”, we have now entered a new evolution for our society. With the technology surrounding us, it has given geeks the ideal medium to take over the world.  It was a wonderful speech given by a worthy recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Continuing to celebrate her great success, she will be inducted in October 2014 to the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame.



LeVar Burton-recipient of the 2014 Geek of the Year Award

Geek of the Year was award to LeVar Burton.

Burton has been known for many key roles in Hollywood: Kunte Kinte in Roots and Geordi LaForge in Star Trek. He is also responsible for being a huge part of alot of our childhoods as the voice and host of Reading Rainbow which had ended in 2009. Instead of letting it end, he continued his literary campaign with various projects.

In 2014, he launched a kickstarter campaign to bring  back Reading Rainbow. The campaign met its goal within days and surpassed it making it one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns.

Before launching into his acceptance speech, he led the whole theater into the theme song for Reading Rainbow. Of course we all knew it.


Oculus_Color_logoGeek Cred was given to Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift is the result of another successful kickstarter campaign. The result is virtual reality head gear set. This brings whole another level to not just gaming but helping others experience whole new situations (i.e. traveling to new places).



Stoic brings you an epic role playing game. While surrounded by hand painted scenery and battle scenes, the player is responsible in making decisions in this turn-based game (each player takes turns while playing). The game can be purchased through a variety of outlets as shown here.

JWKinseysArtifice-smallJoshua W Kinsey won this category due to the incredible amount of detail and craftsmanship to his works. Adhesives are minimally used as his works are attached mechanically. You can check out his work and inquire about commissions from his website



A web comic written by George Wassil. Teenagers are sent to boarding school…in hell. And it’s pass/fail. It is available to read on the website

legend of the knight



A documentary highlighting individuals going through devastating obstacles fueled by the inspiration of Batman. The DVD can be purchased here. Screenings can also be requested where proceeds go to a local charity. More information can be found here.

castle corsetry

Lauren Bregman has been creating and designing corsets and outfits since 2009. Her designs have been worn by many people in the industry including Team Unicorn, Ivy Doomkitty, LeeAnna Vamp, and Adrianne Curry.


You have 3 dwarves, 3 elves, some supplies and 7 months. Now prove your the best builder in Belfort!

jenny lorenzo

Jenny Lorenzo hosts a slew of videos and is also host of Aggressive Comix. Prepare for weirdness, lots of geek, and fun.

star trek continues

Thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign and the love of the series, Vic Mignogna and his team have brought a web series where Star Trek completed the last two years of its 5 year voyage.Featuring Grant Imahara (Mythbusters) as Mr.Sulu!

You can catch the series here.


Judy Grivich created this massive cosplay from Bioshock. It was constructed from fiberglass, rigid insulation foam, and cast resin. You can see her works in progress here.

talkin comics weekly

In a short span of time, Amy Dallen has gone from being known as a great employee at House of Secrets to one entertaining host of all things comics. Hosted by Geek and Sundry, Talkin’ Comics Weekly introduces audiences to comics with a sprinkle of adventures and music.

Hitchhiker_GeekieA film that is a loving parody of the THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. In 1959, Nancy Adams is driving cross country as she is pursued by a stranger. Set in the tones of the sixties with a modern day perspective. Check out their facebook for the next screening

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the categories! Thanks to this event I have loads of new content to check out. You can check out the nominees and their work here.

On top of all of these overwhelming creative talents and forces, the Geekie Awards also have philanthropic goals. They are holding a silent auction for the next 11 days to benefit the Jim Henson Foundation. The Jim Henson Foundation has awarded over 700 grants to puppeteers to bring their vision to life. The silent auction has amazing items up for bid including signed guitars, memorabilia, Loot  Crate subscriptions, and so much more. Support the arts, check it out and bid here.

The award show ended with a rocking performance by Songhammer, winners of the 2013 Blizzcon talent contest. They are leather-clad, Warcraft loving rock band, and delivered a great live performance!

There was an after party hosted by Pizza Hut where everyone in the event mingled. Only at the Geekie Awards could you hang out with the creative talent in the various geekdoms where cosplayers are sprinkled through out.

The second year of the Geekie Awards was another success. This show honors so much talent and I hope that it inspires even more. Once again, congratulations to everyone!


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