Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2


AT_BananaGuard_02_COVER-AAfter a royal mandate from Princess Bubblegum, for the first time non-bananas were welcomed into the Banana Guard Academy. For some, such as Mr. Cupcake and the tiny elephant Tree Trunks, this was welcome news. As issue #2 of Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy opens, we discover that not everyone is happy about the mandate. The Captain of the Banana Guard, a banana himself, is furious with the decision and decides that if he can’t fail out all of the new recruits he can get his staff to be mean enough to get the non-bananas to quit on their own. What he doesn’t expect is the power of team work and a group spirit.

Kent Osbourne and Dylan Haggerty keep the story upbeat, even with a very grumpy Captain of the Banana Guard. The two use Root Beer Guy to initially break the fourth wall and help explain a sudden but funny change in narrator. Mad Rupert keeps the characters in line with everything we’ve seen from Adventure Time before, but with scenes of a giant gingerbread man being chased by a golf cart driven by bananas, these certainly aren’t images seen in day to day life. Well, the aren’t normal unless you’re Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.

AT_BananaGuard_02_COVER-CAdventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2 is delightful and a quick read. Even if the reader was unable to pick up the first issue, the gist of the story is easy to understand.


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