Conan: The Song of Bêlit Comes to an End


conanSong of Bêlit is the last seven issues and conclusion of the ongoing story Conan story. Written by Brian Wood, the plot follows Conan and his warrior love Bêlit as they the roam the world plundering, thieving and battling (like you do). Thinking they have found the score of a life time, Conan and Bêlit come across an ancient artifact that may be more trouble than its worth, and find themselves wrapped up in a dark and dangerous plot even they may not be able to escape.

The art by Paul Azaceta, Riccardo Burchielli, and Leandro Fernandez is very dark, and has definite a tribal feel to it that really lets you know the type of world you are in. It does a very good job of giving off a creepy factor, as well, particularly in the first story arc. It well matched the matches the plot, which is also dark, often violent and quite a bit creepy at times. It is very much written like an epic, with a language and story telling style very much reminiscent of an ancient myth or legend told around a campfire.

Being that it is a world full of barbarians, wars and mythical artifacts, and knowing the style of Conan, there is a lot of violence, and it can be quite graphic. Though it is the conclusion of the series it is fairly easy to jump in in without getting lost. The book is still divided into a couple different story arcs, which also helps if you are new to the series. At 180 pages, this trade paper back has enough story in it to keep you entertained for quite some time. If you are a fan action, fantasy, or stories of ancient myth, such as Hercules, or tales of ancient warriors, Conan:The Song of Bêlit is for you.

Conan: The Song of Bêlit is available from Dark Horse August 27th 2014


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