Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2

Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor #2

Will you just look at that hair?!

Gabby Gonzalez was busy studying accounting and working for her families businesses when The Doctor showed up. As issue #2 of the Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor series begins, Gabby is discovering that the Doctor might not be the safest idea. Trapped on a subway car, the two are confronted with a strange beast-like creature mirroring Gabby’s features. The two think fast and leap from the subway car as it nears a local stop. The Doctor uses his sonic screw driver to help determine that the creature in question is using a cloaking field. Gabby deflects the creature with a mirror and it disappears. The Doctor is impressed, but still insists that Gabby never look for him again. He gets into the TARDIS. Has any good companion ever listened to the Doctor? Though her attempts to meet back up with the Doctor fail at first, he of course cannot leave a mystery unsolved and finds himself back at the laundromat. With Gabby’s help, the two must solve the mystery of the cloaking creatures.

Nick Abadzis is slowly finding his stride at the Tenth Doctor series begins to ramp up. His story is the campy charming associated with David Tennant’s run on Doctor Who. The dialogue flows naturally and is a joy to read with the accents we have no doubt attributed to the characters. It is odd to have the comic set in the United States, but at least it keeps to the flow of the show and sticks to New York. Elena Casagrande yet again steals my heart with her artwork. The characters are well drawn and she captures the nature of the issue with great skill.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2 creates more visuals for a fan favorite. With a charming scripts and beautiful visuals I know I look forward to this series every month.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2 is now available from Titan Comics.




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