Manifest Destiny 9 Is Full Of New Monsters And New Adventures.



ManifestDestiny_09-1In Manifest Destiny #9 we pick up where we last left the crew of the Lewis and Clark expedition with half the crew stranded on shore and half left to deal with the watery threat. Manifest Destiny is a fantastical retelling, complete with historical details enough to make my inner history geek sing coupled with amazing creatures that were conveniently left out of the record. The addition of these very creative beasts to a story we’ve last learned about in elementary school makes history come alive in a while new way.

I really loved how much of Sacajawea we got to see in this issue. She comes off as a no nonsense warrior women who is there to kick butt and take names. I love seeing a strong female character in a comic, and she surely qualifies. I hope we see more in future issues since she is an integral part of the Lewis and Clark story.

Manifest Destiny 9 is written by Chris Dingess, with art by Matthew Roberts and Owen Gieni. It is available from Image Comics today, August 20th.



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