Review: Black Market #2


black market 2If people with superpowers had the cure to end all diseases within their DNA, how far would you go to obtain it?

Boom! Studios presents BLACK MARKET #2 from writer Frank J. Barbiere and artist Victor Santos.

In Black Market, Ray and his brother Denny set out to find “Supers” (the ones with the super powers) to take their DNA since it contains a cure against all disease. The Supers don’t seem to know it yet but they are being hunted by the siblings.

Gleaning from the panels, Ray used to be a medical examiner but now is miserably working a job preparing bodies at a funeral home. How he came to this point is not explained in the second issue. There is a wistful flashback to Ray’s happier times with his wife (or girlfriend) when he can order $50 world of takeout food so times must have been great.

Issue #2 brings us two events: when they capture the first Super and the point where things are going so well, they need more muscle help. The issue whips back and forth between two different points in a year, showing Ray before and after the change in events. The second issue does not use long exposition to explain the back story, it uses flash blacks. It can be jarring but the gist of the story can still be obtained. It is definitely a dark, gritty story of people using any method possible to get their goal. These methods are definitely not ethical, the motives of either sibling are different, but the result is the same: the Supers are not invincible to these siblings.

It’s not hard to believe that the Super’s DNA would contain the cure for diseases. My question would be if mutations would come into play in the story? Most superhero origin stories contain a mutation from an outside source. Are the superheroes in Black Market born with these abilities? If they weren’t and their DNA contained mutations, how would that affect the cure?

For now, these questions may go unanswered since this is from the view of the non-Super powered majority. There is a great panel where residents in an apartment whack a Super to prevent their apartment from being destroyed. How many times have I read or watched a scene where a building gets destroyed and wonder about the occupants?

It is also very curious wondering  what the turning point in Ray’s life was. Seems like he was so comfortable and well off. Was it Denny that changed everything? What was the reason behind making the decision? Somehow someway, Ray made a dark turn. Was it justified?

This is comic for those who often ask what if questions while reading superhero stories. I anticipate many interesting perspectives and questions to arise in future issues.

Black Market #2 is available from Boom! now.


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