‘Sons of Anarchy Volume #1’ to be Released September 17, 2014


4ef84593-d47c-4ef0-90d0-ea53e4849cb8While viewers across the country wait for Sons of Anarchy to come back to the small screen, Boom! Studios is releasing the first collected volume of the comic book. Slated for a September 17, 2014 release date, the series is currently written by the accomplished Christopher Golden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy) and Damian Couceiro (Planet of the Apes).

Volume #1 of Sons of Anarchy contains a complete story arc. When a troubled girl named Kendra shows up in Charming with need of serious help, the Sons of Anarchy quickly recognize her as the estranged daughter of an old member. Tig gets the club together to offer the girl protection. However, if SAMCRO wants to keep themselves and Kendra alive they will have to put alliances aside.



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