‘The iBlade Trilogy’ Part 1



Today marks the premier of a new Rooster Teeth production, iBlade. Part one introduces the story and the main players, talking about how the current CEO of iBlade is stepping down and choosing someone to replace him. Fans of Rooster Teeth will see many familiar faces, including Blaine Gibson as Adrian, the new CEO, and Chris Demarais as Russ, the CEO’s son struggling to modernize the workplace. While there does seem to be a dramatic story line present to keep things moving, the focus of iBlade is on the comedy.  In true Rooster Teeth fashion, this is a show that has good comedic timing, multiple pop culture jabs (Gears of War fans in particular will have a good laugh), and solid writing to tie it all together. Fans of the RT Shorts will want to give iBlade a shot as it has a very similar style to the old shorts. There are some moments that feel a bit over the top, but not enough to detract from the humor. It’s a good start to what is shaping up to be an all-around good trilogy.

iBlade can be watched at the official Rooster Teeth website. Fans of it should check out their youtube channel and keep an eye on their twitter where they are constantly releasing new information and news about this and the other shows on their site.


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