Age Appropriate Reviews: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode One ‘Deep Breath’


Editor’s Note: So often the intended audiences of a television program or book series get passed over in a wave of adult cynicism and review. We decided to give the intended audiences a chance to review the books and television shows intended for their age range, and Age Appropriate Reviews was born.  For our first  column, 11 year-old Rory reviews the first episode of Series 8, ‘Deep Breath.’

Doctor Who Series 8

The episode starts with a T-Rex rampaging through London. Within seconds Jenny, Strax and Madame Vastra are at the scene. Jenny scans the dinosaur and says that there’s something lodged in it’s throat. The dinosaur then spits out the TARDIS covered in blue saliva. It lands on the shore and Jenny, Strax and Madame Vastra clamber down the stairs. Strax then knocks on the TARDIS door and the 12th Doctor (or 13th Doctor, depending on how you look at it) played by Peter Capaldi, opens the TARDIS door and shushes Strax.

To me the theme is confusion. The Doctor is confused about who is friends are, Clara is confused about who the Doctor is, and Jenny and Madame Vastra are confused why Clara isn’t sure that the Doctor is the the same man she fell in love with.

If you are brand new to Doctor Who, most of the references will fly over your head but the plot with still be funny. If you have seen the new Doctor Who you will understand the references and find this episode slightly more funny. If you have seen all of Doctor Who, you will find this episode extremely funny because the 12th Doctor has a little of [Tom] Baker in him. I like the new Doctor. I still prefer Matt Smith, but I like the new Doctor.


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