Bravest Warriors #23


kaboom_bravest_warriors_23_aWith Chris missing (and still in a Slave Leia costume), the Bravest Warriors must band together to find their friend. However, RoboChris is not too keen on giving up Danny to the real Chris. Wallow must go back through a wall of spikes to rescue Danny, but not without consequences. Catbug borrows a cellphone and goes off on his own adventure. A second adventure involves the Bravest Warriors racing to the death on an island of rat warriors. Neither reaches a conclusion, encouraging readers to tune into issue #24.

If you’re looking for rational thought and a completely coherent story line, Bravest Warriors #23 is not the comic for you. Catbug call himself a “warrior princess” and Chris in a Slave Leia costume show Kath Leth showing some pop culture knowledge, a staple of the Bravest Warrior cartoon show. Ian McGinty stays true to the show with his artwork and Catbug will always be the cutest inexplicable creature of all time.

Issue #23 of Bravest Warriors continues a story, but keeps readers on the edge for next month.

Bravest Warriors #23 is available from Boom! August 27, 2014.


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