I Am the Law – Judge Dredd Anderson: Psi Division #1 review


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Judge Dredd is seeing a resurgence of popularity recently. There was the remake of the movie, and now Psi Division is around to showcase Judge Anderson. For those unfamiliar with the Judge Dredd world, it’s a dystopian landscape that houses mega-cities and radioactive wasteland. There are Judges who make up the policing force of these mega-cities, and they really are the “judge, jury, and executioner” of criminals. This series deals with the Psi Division, a division that deals with Judges who have psychic abilities, such as Cassandra Anderson. Much like her namesake, Cassandra has telepathy and precognition, and this series even starts with her waking from a prophetic dream.

On the whole, the comic is a good start to what looks to be another fantastic Psi Division run. Matt Smith is writing the series while Carl Critchlow is doing the art. The series starts with a flashback to Anderson’s birth and her parents, and then moves straight into the action. There’s a bit of exposition that starts to drag it, but it quickly picks back up. For the most part, however, the story is smooth and manages to explain things without going too far into exposition. Anderson: Psi Division is a good read for anyone looking for a series that not only has a strong female lead, but one who doesn’t have to deal with constantly being over-sexualized.

Judge Dread- Anderson: Psi Division is available August 27, 2014.


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