Pop #1


unnamed (1)These days pop music stars frequently feel like products. Their careers begin younger and younger with slick over produced ear worm songs that slowly become television cameos and then the launch of their clothing collection and fragrance. Pop #1 takes the idea of pop stars as consumable products and commodities to its logical conclusion.

Penned by Curt Pires, Pop #1 is a wacky romp with clear inspiration from Andy Warhol. A grotesque smoking man in a white suit pontificates on the production of pop stars as investments to be devoured by fame and rapidly replaced by the next big thing. Meanwhile a girl dressed like Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element escapes in a state of confusion and runs directly into the arms of a suicidal pot-smoking man. When they are unable to locate the escaped Elle, the man in the white suit calls in a pair of fixers. The reader is introduced to the fixers in a hilarious scene where they pay a visit to a snotty young pop star named Dustin Beaver to educate him on his place in the world. Pop #1 is primarily about introductions and setting the stage for the story to come.

Jason Copland’s art feels rough and sketchy with some panels feeling too cluttered and others too sparsely populated. He does an excellent job of making the bad guys visually recognizable while Elle and Coop look normal and innocent in comparison.

Fans of pop art and bizarre stories will love Pop #1.


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