Star Trek The City on the Edge of Forever #3


IST_CityForever03_cvrADW presents Harlan Ellison’s award winning teleplay, “The City on the Edge of Forever.” Ellison’s adapted teleplay was first aired in April 1967 on Star Trek TOS Season 1 Episode 28 (imbd). The cover art by Juan Ortiz pays homage to the 1960’s aesthetic found in the original Star Trek episodes. The cover features Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and his love interest, Sister Edith Keeler (Joan Collins) among the New York skyline.

The City on the Edge of Forever #1 describes how Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Yeoman Rand follow corrupt crewman, Beckwith down to the planet after he attacks fellow crewman for threatening to expose his possession of an illegal jewel and extortion of alien races. Beckwith escapes through a time portal into the past of Old Earth and changes history, causing the Enterprise crew to disappear. In The City on the Edge of Forever #2 Fighting the crew of the Condor (formerly the Enterprise) Capt. Kirk and Spock decide to enter the time portal at a time before Beckwith changes history in order to restore the present. Disoriented Kirk and Spock find themselves on the streets of New York City (1930’s) during the Great Depression. The current issue of The City on the Edge of Forever #3 finds the Capt. and Spock searching for the “blue, the burning sun, the key” (p. 9) to stop Beckwith from changing the past forever. Matters are further complicated when Capt. Kirk finds the key to fixing their past is in fact the woman he has fallen for, Sister Edith Keeler (played by Joan Collins).

This comic is a beautiful representation of Ellison’s teleplay, and the artwork makes you feel as if you can hear Capt. Kirk speaking. This is a great comic series to read if you love Star Trek TOS, just be sure to pick up comics #1 and #2 in the series so you have the full story.


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