Super Secret Crisis War #3


Super_Secret_Crisis_War_-3When Dexter, Ben 10, Samurai Jack, and the Powerpuff Girls break out of imprisonment. After discovering that an evil organization has created robots to replace our heroes with evil versions, the group works to destroy them quickly. The group gets separated by rubble and have to team up with partners they are not used to. This includes a hilarious team up with Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. The Super Secret Crisis War is in full swing.

Super Secret Crisis War #3 is like all of my childhood thrown into a cartoon blender. Louise Simonson rises to the challenge of throwing these cartoons together into a fun and easy to follow story. Derek Charm’s art is adorable and child appropriate, so one doesn’t feel bad leaving this particular comic book out and about.

Super Secret Crisis War #3 continues month to month, with special one shot issues appearing for individual shows. For those who love Cartoon Network programming from about 10 years ago, this series is a riot.

Super Secret Crisis War #3 is available from IDW August 27, 2014.


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